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Top 4 VOB File Players: Free Way to Play VOB Files on Windows 10

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Windows 10 has no dedicated software that can play Blu-ray/DVD discs and many media player programs do not support Blu-ray/DVD, like Windows Media Player and QuickTime. The best way is choosing a good VOB File Player application. This article is going to show you the top 4 VOB File Player programs for Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

Overview of VOB File Player

VOB files are DVD Video Object files used for playing video from a DVD disc. The Video Object (VOB) format is contains movie data from a DVD disc, which includes digital video and audio, as well as subtitles, a DVD menu, and other navigation information. VOB is able to contain MPEG-1 Part 2 or H.262/MPEG-2 Part 2 video and MPEG-1 Audio Layer II or MPEG-2 Audio Layer II audio. The VOB file is often stored in the "VIDEO_TS" directory on the DVD. VOB File Player software allows you to open VOB files and provides playback controls for playing the VOB files.

How to Play and Watch VOB Files on Windows 10

2 Steps to play VOB Files on Windows 10. Step 1: Launch VOB File Player software. Step 2: Load VOB Files by clicking "Open Folder" button and then you can watch VOB files freely.

Top 4 Free VOB File Players for Windows 10 Download

Top 1: Amazing Blu-ray Player

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Top 2: Amazing Any Video-DVD-Bluray Player Pro

Top 3: iLike Any Media Player Pro

Top 4: Rcysoft Any Blu-ray Player Pro